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Internationally Educated Nurses who are Canadian PRs, Here is a change to get your Canadian nursing Credentials!

Become a Registered nurse in Canada: Obtaining a licence to practice is getting easier. Ontario has changed regulation to allow passing of Nclex as a measure of your educational requirement even if NNAS has evaluated you otherwise. This is a big change, and we may see other provinces following.

International Nurses in Canada (Permanent Residents), you have a huge opportunity. If you are currently a permanent resident, and if you can obtain your licence to practice, you could find a nursing position which could offer you a well-paying nursing position. Please attend the FREE Zoom meeting every 2nd Friday of every month to learn more about the Nursing Registration process so that you can enter the well-paid nursing profession quickly. The next Zoom meeting is on 2nd Friday of April (April 09) at 9pm EST. To obtain an invite for the Free Zoom meeting, please fill the form below:

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International Nurses in Canada (Temporary Residents), please attend two meetings, one is a Zoom meeting on employment for foreign nationals held every Tuesday at 9 am EST. You can learn of nursing-related Employment-related opportunities in Canada like a PSW (Personal Support Worker) or a Nursing Aide. To get a meeting invitation on employment-related Canadian opportunities, please sign up and get a meeting invite to attend the FREE Employment-related information session.   Please also attend the Nursing Registration Free Zoom meeting to learn about pathways to become a registered nurse soon and get into high-paying jobs. You will learn if it is better to continue studies and join a job on PGWP or if you can attempt to get into a job sooner, even as a student and obtain your Permanent Residence and then approach nursing registrations. There are several options which will be discussed at the meetings. Nurse Registration meetings on becoming a Registered nurse is

Those of you who have family and friends overseas who are nurses, please provide them with the job opportunity link so that they can educate themselves on job-related Permanent residence opportunities if they can attend the free zoom meetings every Tuesday at 9 am EST: Please note that the Employment-related Zoom meeting is held weekly at 9 am EST on Tuesdays and the Nursing Registration related Zoom meetings are monthly at 9 pm EST on 2nd Friday.